• Nathan Peck

Pride 2020 - Celebration/Provocation

A culmination of moments: the onset of Covid-19 and ensuing quarantine, the death of George Floyd and the incendiary emotion bringing systemic racism to the fore, and the 50th anniversary of the original Pride parade here in New York City. So many things happening in 2020 that I think it's hard for my heart and head to keep up, but the effort to try and be a better version of myself and therefore create a better world for the people around me seem to be the most important thing at hand.

This year on Sunday June 28th I attended the Queer Liberation March in downtown Manhattan. I joined the already moving group @ Chambers Street and walked with friends, my chosen family, uptown in the blazing summer heat. The sun, the chants, the solidarity, and the purpose were intoxicating. The common goal of thousands of people can be powerful and connected the moment to its origins - the fight for equality, visibility, and respect. The march culminated at the Stonewall Inn, where the riots that propelled the Gay Rights Movement occurred in the summer of 1969. I couldn't help but think that the march, the parade, had gotten back to what it originally was. A rallying cry. A protest. A provocation. No corporate sponsors with excessive floats. But a never-ending push towards a better future.

I have to say...I think I like that better.

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